Khwaja Garib Nawaz, A Figure of Affection, Agreement and Reality

Hazrat Khwaja Moin-uddin Hassan Chistie conquers a noticeable dwelling amongst the divine Faith healers of the realm. In his character as in the incident of his natural life Khuwaja-Sahib was intended for an extra-ordinary livelihood. Into a reeling society, calm with factual gaining, which assured no shelter to human-life and which advised no divine liberty on human-beings he burst out all the positive-strength of his character. There is a broad mixing of greatness and charm, mediation and deed principle, exercise, irrelevance of the spiritual and optimism of a holy-Saint. His outlooks for all that are real, beautiful and noble…

He is a Figure of Affection, Agreement and Reality”

The cradles of this rule can be mark out to his own unique talents. During his life, he revealed the noble personalities of character so strongly to the dynasty of the holy Prophet Muhammad to which he belongs.

Hazrat Khuwaja Ghareeb Nawaz was inborn in Sanjaar, a rural community of khorsaan province in 537 Hijre Sanjaar which is situated in North of Qandhaar at the distance of 24 hours. The blessed dwelling of birth still remains.

Khuwaja Moin-uddin Sahib received his initial training at the house while his father was an excessive scholarly gentleman. Khuwaja sahib learned the holy Quran (Koran) at the prompt age of 9 years and far ahead was referred to scholarly schools of Sanjaar, where he learnt Translation and Definition of the holy Quran (Koran) and hadiths in a very short period of time. He expanded profound awareness of these and many other subjects. In his early age, Khuwaja Sahib was very fond of the house of Saints and Holy personalities and showed a huge esteem for them.

As to routine when Hazrat Khuwaja Sahib was irrigating the plants, a very famous Saint approached him who was Sheikh Ibrahim Qundoozi. When Khuwaja Sahib saw the old man coming towards him, he abandoned his labor and marched onward to welcome him and kissed his hands and took him under a tree and invited him to be seated under its shade. At that very moment Khuwaja Sahib had nothing for proposal but due to his attentiveness he got the idea to present grapes as it was the season of the particular fruit. The Spirit- Adoring Saint loved his sign and adored limited bits of grapes with desire. The educated Saint instantly recognized that the gifted kid is in pursuit of facts. So he took out a piece of greased loaf, crumpled it beneath his teeth and placed into Khwaja Sahib’s mouth as I mentioned earlier he had an excessive admiration and affection for Saints and Holy personalities, he instantly accepted it . Wow! All of a sudden, the whole realm gone astray its meaning and there was no barricade concerning him and Almighty Allah (God). By accepting of slice of greased loaf, he entered the divine realm. When he recovered his consciousness, he was left alone while Sheikh Ibrahim Qundoozi had occupied his way.

The holy Saint had departed but it was impossible for Khuwaja Sahib to forget what he had witnessed in the spiritual life. He was very keen with a great desire to eyewitness the alike again and again.

Once having sight of the divine-light over Sheikh Ibrahim Qundoozi, Hazrat Khuwaja Sahib was very impatient and his desire for gaining of facts more blew the fire of love and desire, so he sacrificed the land-dwelling and sorting out the holy name of Almighty Allah set-off towards the west in search of the true wisdom.

One day Hazrat Khuwaja Sahib while offering prayers in Medina Munawarah, in “QOOBAH Mosque” received orders from the holy & noble court of the beloved prophet Muhammad;

‘Dear Moin-uddin! You are a very good preacher of my holy-religion, I assign you to march towards India there overcomes darkness go on to India and spread the Religion of truth.’

Getting, this order, he was greatly delighted but marveled, as to wherever Ajmer-shareef was located. In the meantime, he was sanctified by witnessing the holy Prophet in dream and our noble prophet indicated him the urban, the fortress and the position of Ajmer-shareef.

The convoy of Saints of Almighty Allah had arrived now on the borders of India (Hindustan). Sky-high peaks were in the approach but the faultless willpower of Khuwaja Sahib could not be delayed. Proclaiming the holy name of Almighty Allah, he marched onto mountains and later passing over the peaks, valleys and other difficulties he reached at the edging area of Punjab. At that time, when Khuwaja Sahib crosses the threshold, Raja Shahaab-uddin Ghaouri was conquered by Prith-vi-raj and his soldiers withdrawn to Ghazne. People replied to Khuwaja Sahib and his followers not to continue further as the Muslim Ruler had been conquered. Khuwaja Sahib and all the Saints of the clutch replied: ‘You may reliant on weapons but we have confidence in Almighty Allah.’ Therefore the convoy stretched at the bank of River-Ravi after going through Fort-Shadmaan and Multan-shareef.

Hazrat Moin-uddin had at last reached his destination and by the grace of Almighty Allah and the blessings of the noble prophet started preaching there. He was in a short time proclaimed the saint and holy personality of Hind-shareef.

Boundless Miracles of Khuwaja Ghareeb Nawaz

Once upon a while there existed a Rajput Raja of the Chauhaan Empire, who led the empires of Delhi and Ajmer in north India thru the final partial of the 12th century. Raja Prithvee’s mother once foretold her Son that a Muslim Saint would derive in his kingdom and if he mistreated the Saint, his empire would be sacked. Astonished to overhear such words from her mouth the King was very furious and as predicted by her the forecast came to be true.

The holy and sacred Hazrat Khuwaja Moin-uddin Chistie endured with his cliques on the shores of Ana-Saagar River. The cliques of the Holy-Saint drew water from it and occasionally they would fish from the river, these actions were offensive according to the opinions and divine mental state of the Hindus and the King. Surrounding the river were several temples and the priests protested about Opposing Hindu deeds to the King. Without hearing the Saints point of view the King instantly passed orders for the removal of all Muslim Saints and his cliques from the shores of Ana-Saagar.

The emperor’s warriors not only call for the removal of Hazrat Khuwaja Moin-uddin and his cliques but also proudly claimed on their evacuating the Ajmer land. This notification of departing Ajmer-shareef was proclaimed in a very impolite and wrong tone. While on the other hand Hazrat Khuwaja Ghareeb Nawaz was not willing to agree to the departure from Ajmer-shareef with his cliques since he was directly instructed and commanded by the noble Prophet and was dwelling by the will of Allah the Great Almighty.

khuwaja ghareeb nawaz

A plan was prepared by the priests to mob and attack Khuwaja sahib with the vital aim of executing him, knowing the intentions Khuwaja sahib took some sand in his hands and tossed it upon these unkind priests which withdrew them whereas some lost brains, some lost eye-sight and some ran missing in fear. Now the Gurus were on their toes desperately hiding from Khuwaja Sahib to save breathes. The Gurus rushed to narrate the incident to the cruel King and nearly reached his palace.

When the King observed the situation he turned out to be very disturbed and dismayed. He instantly took a very merciless step in contrary to the situation and ordered the river to be secured as Khuwaja sahib and his cliques must not be permitted to access the water. He called the alarm and deployed his soldiers on the shores of Ana-Saagar and firmly stated “Muslims should not be permitted to fetch water from the river”. When Khuwaja sahib’s cliques arrived at the river to fetch water, they witnessed that the rivers water was completely forbidden for them and the Kings army were deployed there. The followers became very startled and reported back to Khuwaja Moin-uddin with an unfilled vessel and explained what they had witnessed.

Hazrat Khuwaja Moin-uddin Chistie was very upset and personally went towards the river to fetch water and came face to face with a soldier, who disallowed him from fetching water from the river bank. Hazrat Khuwaja Moin-uddin Chistie looked at him with his marvelous senses. The poor warrior could not repel Hazrat Khuwaja Moin-uddin’s annoyed expression and he turned out to be tense and trembled down to the earth knocked out and also released the weapon from his enormous hands. Hazrat Khuwaja Moin-uddin captivated and drew the entire water-course of the city in his beaker together with Ana-Saagar’s water too. The water-sources of the entire city strangely died out. Not just this but even the nursing mothers milk in their breasts and of even animals dried out. The great loss of water was noted by the King and his people with dismay. This marvel triggered a prodigious revolution in the opinions and spirits of the community.

As a result, a great total of people embraced the holy religion Islam at the noble hands of Hazrat Khuwaja Moin-uddin Chistie. The power of the rivals to him shrunk due to his extraordinary marvels. Now It was the Kings turn to be criticized by his own general public for the loss of the rivers water. Despite of his finest hard work and policies Ana-Saagar’s water could not be reinstated. Sick and tired of the complete incident at last Prithvee-Raj-Chauhaan the so called Great-King personally paid a visit to Hazrat Khuwaja Moin-uddin Chistie and begged that in future he will never forbid the usage of the river for any human-being or living-creature, which is definitely an open reward of Mother-Nature. He made an apology to the Holy-Saint and the water facility was given back to all instantly.

Decision: Dear Islamic brothers and sisters the lesson we learned from the very episode is that never disrespect the holy saints of Almighty Allah for they are the friends of Allah and they are supported by Him beyond our imagination. Our holy ancestors, together of blood and spirit and respectively of our soul’s rest definitely on the grounds of their martyr. They are very close to our souls and hearts plus, when connected with in aware habits, they are surely a great source of remedy, support and amity. So please do respect them, for because of them and their sacrifices we are born Muslims.