Greatness & Guidance of Quran

QuranQuran (Koran) is a source of guidance for the humans and such a heavenly writing which not only gives immunity to its believers but also invites towards guidance the lost humanity. From its eternal message delivers the principles of life from the start till the end and whoever follows its footsteps with true intentions the Quran (Koran) deputes him on high peaks.

Please consider when Quran (Koran) glorified the land of Macca with its light when the society was filled with brutality, lawlessness and also far away moral education .It was lost in darkness of ignorance and was entitled with bloody wars along with endless social disputes.

But the world saw that the most combative vulgar nation, when was acquainted with the education of the holy Quran (Koran) transformed into the biggest preachers with high manners and were being called pioneers of practical knowledge who became the messengers of guidance.

Today also Quran (Koran) is giving the message “Is some to accept the advice is someone looking for the way of guidance, is there who seeks the real destiny, is there someone to pick the pearls of knowledge. Therefore who ever concentrated at this message achieved destiny and prospered in the world and afterworld who ever accepted guidance.

The second Khalifa Hazrat Umar-e-Farooq was against the Muslims at a time and was always planning against the reveler of the Quran (Koran) but when the Luminescent rays of the holy Quran (Koran) reflected on the mirror of his heart the dust of brutality cleared and now only the love of Allah & the holy prophet remained. This is the paragon of the conversance of Allah and reaction to is that even hard hearted transform into beeswax.

A portray of sharia, spiritual personality of the Islamic world founder of Dawate -Islami A llama Moulana Abbu Bilal Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadri Rizvi Ziayi “Damatu-barkatu- houm alalie”is from whom  an Era is benefiting . In the whole wide world the disciples and the lovers have transformed into preachers of the holy Quran (Koran) and Sunnah decorating with the knowledge worldwide. He is such a great personality who preached the door to door simple message of the Quran (Koran) and Sunnah from young children to elderly individuals. Madrasa-tul-Madina are established to introduce the education of Quran and Sunnah where many thousand old and young boys and girls are learning Quran according to Tajweed rules. May Allah protect you and long-livedness? “Ameen”.

Quran ul kareem app

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